Sunday, November 6, 2011

notes from the plane

Sunday 5th. San Fran. 4:55pm

The long one. 11.5 hours in the air. In the middle seat. In the middle aisle. And my head phones don't work in the armrest. Cest la vie. I'm tired already and strangely enough missing Steve and Harley something fierce. The excitement can't seep in yet. I'm not there yet. For now, I'm just riding on a plane. Trying to figure out if the attractive guy to my left or the small sleeping japanese woman to my right would mind if I fell asleep on them. Nothing like making friends by drooling on them.
My book is already a quarter of the way done and it's only been an hour. At least it's good. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.
I wish I'd brought 3 more books.

8hrs till Tokyo.
Mr. Popper's Penguins. Uh.
Oh sweet butterscotch, I am bored. I need to not be in a plane.

Japan. 5+ more hours. (actually it was 8)
Exhausted. Tried drinking lots of water. Still not enough. I'd have liked to buy water, but connecting international flights takes longer. Got to the gate just in time. It's dark. Wish I could see the city. (though I understand this airport is about an hour form Tokyo) Also, side note, this plane is significantly larger than the last one. I can cross my legs and my thighs aren't pressing up against my neighbors'.
Almost forgot to take Malaria pill. Days are strange. So far 18 hours on a plane.
MGM Grand advertisement in the seat back video screen. Weird.

Now I'm in Singapore. In a hotel about to wash the travel off of my stinky body. Then a nap. Then food.

The red light district isn't bad at all. In fact so far, this is the cleanest city I've been in to date. Granted I haven't seen much of it, but it's lovely. And it smells really good. Like warm spices, beach, salt and foreign. I'll post some pictures as soon as I take some. It's not even morning here yet. The city is still vibrant, but I'll get some when I walk around later today.

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