Friday, November 11, 2011

News from Lake Toba

Oh, I am tired.

I'm going to try to get this all down before I fall asleep, but beware, the post may be cut short.

So early-ish this morning I pick up my money (Steve, I owe you so much!) and I head out to buy trinkets. Of course I've forgotten that toko [To-ko: shop] doesn't open until 10-11, but I get things anyway from few people and wander around until I'm nice and hot and sweaty. Then I hail a minibus back to my hotel where I decide that I should stop being a wuss and really get out there. So I do.

And just after I've walked around the market a few times (later postings of fruit adventures) I get hailed by Samuel. The rest of my day has revolved around Samuel. This is a 39 year old balding big guy who speaks pretty good English, but is a classic third world country sales man. He's also at least a foot and a half shorter than me, which later makes all the photos really awkward. (Straight back to my freshman year of high school's homecoming. If you haven't seen those photos, you never will.) So he's selling taxi's to Medan, which I need. So I buy, because the price is pretty good and I need one and why the heck not? Seems like a nice guy and I turn down the 200,000 Rupiah tour, so I feel good about my pathetic excuse for bargaining skills. And I continue on my walk of Parapat.

This is not a walking city. There are no sidewalks. The roads are thin and the vehicles drive fast. They also are not labeled, nor straight.

Okay. No big deal. Minibuses are there to save you. For 2,000 Rupiah, it's a good deal for a hot sweaty American. Or really anyone. And they go where ever you'd like. So when I say stop, he stops. Which was how I got lunch today.

Met a sweet kid named Jeffery, who I had met the day earlier in the pos kantor [pos can-tor: post office]. He sat with me as I finished my tea. He asked,"why is your husband not here?" So I lied for my own ease. (Sorry Steve) :He had to work: And then there was an on slaughter of questions, all of which were very nice, but really husband forward.

Now as I'm walking back to the hotel Samuel drives past me on a motorcycle and asks if I want to see a good view of Lake Toba for photos. Next thing you know I'm flying up the mountain on a motorbike with Samuel and we stop and take photos and I have a cup of coffee and he about 5 cigarettes and a soda. He tells me he plays guitar and sings at a bar tonight and asks if I want to come. Sure. Sounds fun. He says he and his friends play.

Sadly I have to leave this at a cliff hanger... I'm nodding off. Will finish in the morning.

Anya Out. Literally.

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