Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long time waiting...

After so many fantastic responses to my blog, I've decided to try to keep it up. It'll be coffee centered, but knowing me, there will be rambles all over the place. Mostly food related.

Anyway, since I had photos of my trip I thought I'd post how I got scholarship that sent me to Sumatra. Also, I'll be updating how the rest of my trip went with fun little tips on what you should not do. :)

So, for the scholarship I originally wrote up this nice little college-like-application with some pleasant information. No go. The information needed to be more detailed and no one was wowed. How could you not be wowed by an extravagant trip to Indonesia? (hint: a boring black and white typed blah blah blah I want this statement would do it.) After being asked to reapply, I decided to try again, but this time I was not going to fail. So I turned my application into a comic book. Anya-illustrations and sad attempts at photoshopping. Please don't judge the later of the two. I had no idea what I was doing and it was too late to do it any other way. Also, I'm stubborn and no metal box without thumbs was going to beat me!

Enough chit chat though, here it is:

If you are wondering, yes, I am that egotistical to put myself on the front cover.
 Also, this is where the judging stops.  Photoshop is a strange animal...
(blah blah blah)

 This page is by far my favorite because I got to use an image of myself drawn as Sponge Bob Square Pants. WIN. (also, I had to look up what an airplane looks like.... fail.)

And the rest is history... at least my history.... and the internets...