Monday, November 7, 2011

More Journal Updates

8:30am Singapore. Food stand>nervous as hell.

As many stares as I've gotten, it's really not so bad. I'm clearly a curiousity, not a thing to be resented. (I hope) Bigger problem right now is ordering food, which I have no idea how to do. And even though, everything is in English, I don't think it's as predominant verbally. Last night was one very silent taxi ride. But it's not as bad as I imagined.

Also, I figured out what everything smells like in addition to spices, beach and salt: incense. It's everywhere, of course. There were Buddahist temples everywhere, even across the street from the cat house. And every place had a small offering shelf or table. 

Currently, as the sweat drips down my spine, I'm sticking to a plastic chair, the sort that is attatched to a food court, long since faded from it's former glory of pale yellow and pumpkin orange. There is a gentleman at the table next to me, who still has not been served as well, and it comforts me that even the native man is receiving the same service as the pink haired white girl. It smells like rice noodles and city streets and a little like fish. And even though I'm sweating up a storm, the humidity is nice. The air in the plane is sheer pain for my nose and eyes.

10am- some courtyard of an apartment complex Turns out there are 3 million people in Singapore and for that many people there is still a large number of parks and tree lined streets. See photo. However to fit that many people in, there are HUGE complexes everywhere.

I am hot as hell. Humidity went up. At home this is rain weather.
Breakfast was delicious. Brothy noodles with some sort of pork (?), fish (?) seafood (?) and dumplings. I ate all of it very quickly. I'd kill for an iced tea, but enough about me.
Everyone has plants everwhere. Sound like an exaggeration? It's not. Seriously, there are potted plants on every porch, doorstep and front stoop. It's truly lovely.

Went to a maket. It's been a bit frustrating so far because no where opens until 10-noon and I'm on, well I don't really know what time I'm on, but it's not theirs. Sleeping in the plane helped and I took a nap at the hotel, but still. Anyway, the market. Not surprisingly it's alot like any outdoor mall. Less teenagers and more food stands. This market was the bottom floor of some of the apartments. Sorta wished I hadn't already eatten. But there's time. Al Lui and I are planning a late lunch.

Okay, the sweat stains on my shirt are nearly gone...

Al met up with me later that day and we went to a fairly well known hawker stand called No Signboard. Incredible crab. REALLY good. Al suggested that the Partners of Zingerman's go to Singapore for their next off site Partner's group. *nudge nudge Allen* After that we took went to the Singapore airport, which apparently has a vivarium and an orchard garden among other things. Yes dad, there was a starbucks. Two actually. At the airport the jet lag caught up with me and I fell asleep sitting up and then on the plane through (mostly) the shrilling child.  Upon getting out of the plane I was instantly hit with the smell of clove cigarettes and wet earth. The airport was similar to the Sawyer International, but more awkward. Had exactly enough cash to get my visa.  The main exporter of Sumatran coffee met us there and drove us to our hotel. What a hotel! We had beers and snacks on the roof as we looked out onto the city. Good conversation, but I was so tired I sorta just stared out into the dark night and glowing lights. Bintang beer is pretty good in warm weather and completely subdued my brain. 

I'll write more later. Have to pack and get breakfast and money. 

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